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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick Day

Not that I wish anyone illness, but it was rather nice of my Professor to cancel lecture today due to his sickness.  I do actually enjoy that lecture, but I have a Med-Surg exam on Wednesday and housework that will definitely benefit from me not having a 5-hour absence to go to campus today.

This week has been a busy one, with a roller coaster of news.  I worked nights last weekend and will not be working any more until Spring - if I do it will be because of a last minute call out.  The money is good, but the adjustment to my sleepy clock definitely takes a hit every time.

My husband was in the process of changing work schedules from a Wednesday start of the week to a Friday.  So he got a few extra days off ... and went ice fishing ... with the guys.  He got last minute prep stuff done while I slept on Sunday, we had an excellent dinner, and then went to bed.  Yep, I was up at 230 am since I'd slept so well on Sunday.  I finally just got out of bed - hoping to be quiet - but of course that woke him up.  I worked on some school work while he was anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of his fishing buddies so they could leave.  I had to take our daughter to her orthodontist appointment at the main office (rather than their more local visits once monthly) due to conflict in schedule.  My mom was going to meet me there to run her to school while I went to school myself.  Good news - her teeth are doing great.  Bad news - next phase of braces cost $3000 with $500 due April 2nd then $175 monthly for 14 months.  We just paid off a whole bunch of things and were looking forward to saving more money for a graduation vacation in January 2013 ... ugh.  The guys successfully made it to camp and I got my agreed upon message, "Off the ice, love you babe."  What happens at camp stays at camp, but I just wanted to make sure that my husband didn't become an ice cube from falling through.  He asked me, "What did women do in the old days before cell phones and txt messages?"  I told him that we sat home and worried ... and I had enough to worry about with school, so that was the least that he could do.  I had only asked for "Off the ice" ... he added the endearing tidbit on his own ... Awe <3.

Tuesday was a day of its' own, wow.  I went to clinical as scheduled, but what my instructor wrote for an assignment versus what she said was completely different.  I started my shift, and right before I starting documenting, an RN asked me if the assignment had changed.  Luckily, she caught that ... so I ended up assessing 3 patients, before I could actually get to morning medications.  That flustered me, but I got it under control.  It was just the time wasted could have definitely been used going over the bucket list of meds that one patient had.  But, it all worked out, finally.  Plus, my very bestest friend was on the ambulance that picked up my patient for discharge so I got a hug.  And, I was able to do what she complains that nurses do constantly, call her an Ambulance Driver.  She looked at me like a) "You're lucky I love you," and b) "Just for that, you will be running your butt off on your next shift, I curse you here and now."  I told the patient and his wife that the crew they had that day were definitely more than ambulance drivers, but I get to tease them since I work with them on a rig.  The wife thought we made a great trio and it eased a bit of her anxiety.  See, laughter is therapeutic.  
Background:  We've known each other since we were in grade school.  She has worked on an ambulance since she graduated high school, either through her town volunteer service or now her full time position on a service.  She does A LOT of transfers ALLLLL day long since she's designated a "transfer truck."  Nurses will constantly walk into their patient's room and say, "Your Ambulance Drivers are HEERRREE.  Now you get to go [insert place here]."  When I entered the ER almost 4 years ago, I became interested in the field work by EMS.  I did some ride-alongs and became addicted - to the point that I got licensed.  I now work with her on that volunteer service while I complete nursing school.  I plan to progress to Paramedic level eventually.  EMS is a family ... we have a loathing of being called Ambulance Drivers, that's only part of our job.  
That night, I got the "Off the Ice" txt, which was reassuring.  What I also got was surprising ... we don't drink often, and since we've been together for 8 years, he's never gone out drinking with just the guys.   Well, apparently my husband is a drunk txter.  LMAO, that definitely started my Wednesday out well since I was down for the count when he was sending them at 130 am.  Wow, I love my husband.  :)

Wednesday brought 3 hours of story time, I truly despise that lecture.  It's not "This is what you need to know to save a life," it's "This one time at clinical rotation, I had this student that [did something horribly wrong and we were lucky to catch it.]  They did go on to be a wonderful, competent nurse."  Yes, people learn from their mistakes, but wow.  I'm starting to wonder about the competency of her instructing if her students were so bad.
My husband also returned from ice fishing camp that day and I brought home pizza since we both weren't in the mood to cook.

Thursday brought Psych Clinical.  I'm definitely getting more comfortable with the routine of the facility and going to the rec room has been very beneficial.  Not only am I getting work with my break and pool shots, I'm also entering into the realm of therapeutic conversation during FUN.  The clients do not even know that us students are getting the low down during our games, they are just socializing and having fun.  Some students (and the instructor!!) even went so far as to sing Karaoke.  I wish I'd had some popcorn.  It was hilarious.  We took some guidance from one of the OT guys and are planning a group activity for one of our sessions.  It explores the 5 senses and the bonus is you get to eat the final product (COOKIES!). 

Friday, I had a hair appointment (YAY, ME TIME!), but my husband called and asked me if I wanted to ride with him to one of his destinations.  I absolutely love to spend time with my husband, but wow wasn't my hair getting shaggy.  So I was able to reschedule my appointment for earlier and still get to go with him.  YAY!  Best of both worlds.

I worked the whole weekend at the ER, just days this time.  I honestly think the city decided to "puke" on us ... as in, everyone in the greater city vicinity either came to our ER or the other one that is 1.4 miles away (driving distance).  Whether is was via rig or POV (personal car), they sought treatment.  Living the life of an ER worker ... and I love it (even if I didn't love it at the time).

I finally got caught up on my sleep this morning, only to find out that class was cancelled.  Awesome, now I'm rested and can get my To Do List done.  Well, if I ever finish this post. 

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