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Friday, March 23, 2012

Who, ME?

So today has been a productive day.  I hadn't thought so entirely, but I'm going to check it off as one.  I did some laundry while I was doing homework.  The homework was to analyze and compile the surveys my group did for our Community Nursing class.  I made pie charts out of everything and was in absolute heaven.  Yes, I'm a geek and I own it. 

On the way to pick up my daughter from her friend's house (my neighbor and I have rotating Thursdays/Fridays for them our girls to play together), I got the mail.  "Junk, junk, bill, more junk, oh and likely more junk" was what I thought when I was looking at the sender names.  Two were form the University:  One was from the bookstore about Graduate Gifts (To the Family of the Graduate) trying to sucker my family into buying things that I don't need; the other from the Alumni Association (who has definitely already started asking me for money even though I haven't even graduated yet).  I then remembered that I had applied for scholarships this year, but didn't know who the letters of denial would be coming from.  I have applied for multiple scholarships through the years, but always get denied due to my husband's income hence I hadn't applied for any recently and decided to give it one last ditch effort before I graduate this December.  

I opened the letter and started reading:

Dear [Graduate],
Congratulations!  You have been awarded the [Scholarship] sponsored by the Senior Alumni, for the 2012-2013 academic year. 

:: INSERT HAPPY DANCE, WHOOPING SHOUT, AND JUMP INTO THE AIR HERE ::  (Yes, I did all three things at once and I'm not ashamed to own it)

The Scholarship is actually worth $1750, but it's divided over 2 semesters and I only have one left.  I'll take $875 and run with it, no problem.  That's $875 less that I have to take out a Private Student Loan for (I don't qualify for any grants or much in subsidized loans, so I always have unsubsidized loans plus a hefty Private Loan each semester).  The biggest plus is, since I'm only in school for one semester, I may not HAVE to take out a Private Loan due to this Scholarship. 

Yes, today has been productive indeed. 

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