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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Still On A Roll ...

I received an email from the Director of the School of Nursing ...

Dear [Student],

I am pleased to let you know that you will receive a scholarship of $300.00 from the [Scholarship Fund] for the final semester of your BSN program, Fall 2012!  A letter of notification will be mailed to you on Monday.

:: YIPPEE!! ::

That makes 1/2 of the scholarships I've applied to have responded, and positively at that!  Still waiting to hear from the 2 others ... hoping to keep this momentum going.    I looked into the specific scholarship and found that it's in memory of a former nurse who was also a devoted wife and mother.  That fits me, except for the former nurse part ... gonna be one soon!

Now if only I could get on a roll and start my psych paper for the semester ...

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