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Friday, December 21, 2012

Sitting Still is NOT my Forte

So Pinning happened, as did the night out afterward.  Alcohol, nachos, pizza, and billiards ... now that's a night.  Some friends had to work, but others who didn't have to joined in.  I also played a game of pool against my dad, and that hadn't happened since I was 15ish. 

As I've anxiously awaited my grades all week, I worked my last two days at my ER job.  Ironically, I have never trained anyone in my 52 months working there ... but I spent my last 2 days training a newbie.  I LIKE HER!  A LOT!  She'll make a great replacement. 

My (now former) Director acted like she'd never heard of such a thing as my last day.  "Oh, well I'll need your resignation then."  Um, guess what ... your intelligence (lack thereof) did not hire me as a Nurse, there are no more shifts available prior to my paperwork being official, DUH, I'm done.  I was so stunned with her attitude.  That's what I get for 52 months of never calling out, being late once (by 20 minutes), and rearranging my life for that department.  Plus, I worked the equivalent of a FT employee as a per diem.  Wow, awesome Director right there.  I wanted to give her my best wishes on retaining dedicated employees, but my mom taught me better than that.  Ha!  My mom!  Wow, what a woman.  On that subject, she brought me an arrangement of flowers on my last day.  Her sole purpose was to make me the center of attention (when everyone asks why the flowers, etc) because she's more than livid at that Director.  She made sure the card said my name and "NURSE GRADUATE" in BIG letters.  I don't particularly care for being the center of attention, but with the silent back story I didn't mind.  My mom .... ;)

One of my Doctor friends brought her son in so I could meet him, and brought me a bottle of wine as congrats.  Luckily, the wine was wrapped up, but as soon as I felt the bottle I was like, "I don't think I can have that in here.  Oh wait, I don't care!  Hahaha!"  I still hid it in my bag, just so the Director wouldn't raise a stink over it.

I got to have lunch with one of my best friends on my last day as well.  My friend happened to be filling in for his boss that day, so we got to sit down and have lunch like we used to when we worked Sundays together.  It was so nice.

I've now been spending more time on my house work.  I found parts of it, then it got cluttered again during Pinning weekend ... so now I start over.  I did multiple loads of laundry today.  I think tomorrow I will attack the dining room and kitchen (again).  I'm also weeding out crap that can go away (either paperwork trash or clothes that can go on to people that need them). 

It's weird being in limbo while I wait for the paperwork to process.  Granted, I'm pulling shifts on the fire department, but it's not like getting up and going to a hospital each day.  It's an adjustment, and hopefully won't last long.  Sitting still is NOT my forte (which is one reason I got hired by the new hospital ... my work ethic). 

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