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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Morning After

Wow, what a morning.  After a particularly long day at work, I came home and thought nothing about downing some "Captain and Coke."  My spouse had already started in, which is unusual since they don't drink very often, so I just helped them finish the glass sooner ... and the refill ... and that refill.  I have not drank that much in a long time, apparently I'm still a lightweight.  It was to the point that I could hardly walk up the 12 stairs to the bedroom ... the couch looked inviting to sleep on, but I knew I would regret it.  The bed seemed to rock like I was relaxing on a float in a lake ... we do not have a water bed.

My question is, why is there not a "Plan B" for alcohol like there is for unprotected sex?  It would be very nice for science to find a drug that could rid all alcohol from the human body.  Sort of like Narcan for opiates, but without the "hacking up a lung" effect.  Seriously, if you've never seen Narcan administered to a person strung out on opiates, it would be a deterrent to drug use.  There should be a video made of this process ... I've seen it in person and I can honestly say it was the best education I ever received - so much more eyeopening than the DARE school program.  If I could have seen a video of that when I was younger, I'm certain my thought process would have included:  "If that's what they're going to do to me in the ER (when I'm found passed out from my high), it's NOT worth it." 

So back to alcohol ... it was not bad this morning, but still in shock that I drank that much on a school night.  Coffee and breakfast helped (along with a lot of water), but I'm still sleepy and looking forward to seeing my bed this afternoon for a nap.  Today is the last full lecture of this semester, Wednesday is a guest speaker about DKA and Jeopardy game.  Finals are on Monday and Wednesday next week, then it's a few weeks off from class ... working a ridiculous amount of hours ... and resuming class on January 9th.  I officially become a Senior in 9 days.  A party night out on the 17th will be well deserved.  I'm pretty sure science won't have invented "Plan B" for alcohol by then ... and I'll be sleeping it off like every other bar-hopper. 

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  1. Hugs to you! Your life sounds crazy like mine. 5 kids here (Captain is my BEST friend), non trad student (museum studies), and I absolutely HATE the fact that they pay people to work at jobs where they have no clue how to deal with people...glad you got your daughter back safe. Also glad to hear that I'm not the only one willing to be a parent and not give my kids everything they want...the 18 y/o is getting a good dose of the gimme attitude now that she is in college and has to do group projects with the slackers. Have a good one!