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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Rules

Apparently the rules apply to me, not everyone else.  I have to say that I'm sick of it.  Why do I bother? 
A place of employment has preceptor rules.  The newbie must "run as a third" until 20+ runs, then the preceptors vote to release them out onto their own.  Why is a newbie with no previous experience already running solo some days, then not the next?  The next issue would be getting cleared to drive.  There's a particular process to get cleared that I've been held to, and currently I'm still not cleared to drive.  This impacts who I can get scheduled with since if it's more than a BLS call, then ALS has to tech and I cannot drive the truck.  Then how does it move?  See, conundrum.  There are other BLS people that were licensed after me, released onto their own after me, and I can guarantee have not gone through the whole process for getting cleared to drive that are "cleared to drive" and constantly scheduled with ALS.  Hmmm?  Do I smell bad?  Did I offend someone?  How did this happen?  IDK ... I wish I did.

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