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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adventures in Nursing

Just a quick blurb about Partnership progress.  I am now officially over halfway through my 16 shifts, I have 7 remaining.  I spent my first "stretch" there since it was the first time my partner worked the weekend in a few months.  I worked Saturday/Sunday/Monday nights ... and didn't we have fun!  Okay, that may sound sick since my job revolves around people not being well, but it's a fact of life.

Sunday night was the most interesting.  A patient wasn't doing well that was already admitted into the hospital.  The floor called the ER, my partner and I went up since we didn't have any patients, ended up taking over care of the patient, then turned over care to an ICU Nurse (and still assisted) ... all while still in a Med/Surg patient room.  The patient was then transferred to a higher level of care facility about an hour later since our ICU was full.

All the while, it was movie/song innuendo night.  I have dubbed my Nurse partner "the female version of Tony DiNozzo of NCIS."  During key times of the night, she would say a line from a movie or, at one point, even sing-song "it's getting hot in here."  That phrase abruptly gained a simultaneous response of booty shaking by both myself and the ICU Nurse (all without stopping what we were doing with the patient).  It will give you a better picture if I tell you the ICU Nurse in question was a man. 

By the end of the night, two phrases had been born:

1)  Welcome to the Med/Surg wing of the ICU.

2)  "It's Med/Surg.  No!  It's the ER!  NO!  It's I-C-U!!" (inflection of "it's a bird, it's a plane ...")

Wow, what a great Partnership.  I'm loving it!

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