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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bad Day

Wednesday was a roller coaster ride of a day ... and not a fun roller coaster either. 

First off, the second med-surg exam was at 9am.  This one was primarily endocrine and I found my weakness.  No matter how prepared I thought I was, my grade was not what it could have been.  I still walked away with at least a B- ... that could improve if she accepts 2 answers for certain questions, but we won't know until she has the analysis from the University testing center.  It's over and mathematically I can get a 53 on my final exam and still pass the course.  That makes me feel better since a 53 is unheard of in my testing history.  Graduation is so close, I can taste it.

Second, went to Senior seminar.  Our class of 38 is divided into smaller groups with multiple instructors for this class.  I ended up with the same instructor from med-surg.  She's crazy, we all know it, but she's likeable.  The next hour was a continuance of her craziness.

Third, lunch, would would normally be good except that my group was meeting to run through our Senior project.  Oh wait, the room in the Union we were going to use was locked.  We had no place to meet that was quiet and we could also eat lunch.  So we agreed to meet at our next classroom after people picked up food (since that room doesn't have anything in session).  Two people didn't show up till 10 minutes before our class was to begin.  WHAT?  Plus, the person that's supposed to have gotten our presentation approved by the Principal on Monday, "Decided I wanted to meet with him in person," so we still don't know if we're approved yet and she doesn't have an appointment with him yet.  Our presentation is November 19th ... I hate feeling rushed if we have to change anything.

Fourth, our afternoon class involved a presentation from our State Board of Nursing.  That's when my day really got worse.  "Although there's no law against it, we do not encourage employers to hire people as CNA's that have passed their RN boards and hold a license."  The reasoning is, if someone such as myself is providing patient care and something happens to a patient that my RN skills could have prevented (but I didn't use them since I'm not hired as an RN), the employer could be legally liable for a lawsuit.  Great.  I'm currently employed as a CNA with no job prospects, not even an interview.  That will be covered in the Sixth highlight of the day.

Fifth, I got a 97 on a paper I wrote for Community.  That was nice.  I'll actually miss that rotation when it's over.  It's been so much fun being a School Nurse one day each week.

Sixth, I checked my job application at my current employer for a "Transfer/Promotion" to RN.  Nope, they don't want me.  "Feel free to apply for other positions."  Hmmm, not even a phone call to discuss the fact that I've worked there 6 years, what could we do to keep me part of the hospital family.  Just, nope, you're not qualified.  I met all the minimum requirements to apply.  I just don't understand.  So, as soon as I pass my Boards, which will likely be January - whenever I can get a testing date - I'll be unemployed.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

Sorry for all the negativity.  My husband is away for work, like usual, so I just haven't had someone to really vent to.  He's worked away from home for the last 3 years because of me and college expenses/class load vs available working hours.  Now, I'm about to graduate and cannot even find a job.  It's terrifying.  I've been working since I was 15 years old, over half my life thus far.  Six of those years at one hospital, and they don't even want to retain me (with multiple openings posted).  Nursing is supposed to be in demand.  I'm confused.

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