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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glass Half Full

Admittedly, I stole the title of today's entry from my friend's fb status.  I actually have grown to detest fb, but I just cannot seem to stop stalking my newsfeed for status updates.  I definitely do not log on as much as I used to (nor post), but today I caved.

This friend is a fellow nursing student ... I'm pretty sure she's referring to her day as it relates to certain lab activities.  There's a certain class, with a certain lab, during the first semester of Junior year that is a REAL kick-in-the-pants.  That class alone sorts out who truly wants to be a nursing student.  The next semester after that one also has another similar class, plus adds Pharmacology.  That second semester of Junior year is the make-you-or-break-you semester.  Some students pass, some students don't but they retake that semester, or others change their majors.  My thoughts are with my friend today ... anytime I get frustrated with my current school situation, I actually use thoughts of that whole year to make me feel better - it was definitely worse then than now.

Good news, we finally got a Psych clinical instructor.  Bad news, it's the husband of the instructor for that Pharmacology class.  She's already put her nose where it doesn't belong, and we haven't even started the actual clinicals yet.  I see how this is going to go ... but I'm choosing to look at it optimistically.

Med-Surg clinical day one is complete ... 10 more to go.  The actual clinicals are fun and fulfilling.  The 3-hour lecture that is also required is torture.  The time is spent telling us stories about past experiences, rather than actually teaching.  I've learned more from my NCLEX-RN books (and included CD's) than I have from her.  It's convenient that we can use laptops in class, so I haven't lost a complete 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.

Today, a blog I follow suggested we share our blogs in the comment section.  I started reviewing my blog posts.  Do I really want to share these?  I really only started this blog as an outlet for my day-to-day frustrations as a mom, wife, and non-trad nursing student.  I have never published a link to it anywhere.  Plus, my first posts are rather ridiculous since I wanted to be completely neutral (and unidentifiable).  Then I gave that up since it was more frustrating to try and write that way.  But as I contemplated it, I realized that having people I don't know reading it could offer perspective.  I wouldn't be uncomfortable having them read my rants since they do not have a physical connection to my life (and potentially report me to my nursing school for "bad-mouthing").  Yes, that's happened and though the school wasn't able to actually do anything to that student (they wanted to expel), she's fighting tooth-and-nail for every grade - cause the faculty are petty like that. 

Won't know until I try ...


  1. Sounds familiar...about putting yourself out there for everyone to see...I just started my blog this year. Stop by if you get a chance. It's mostly about my quilting projects right now.

  2. I went through the same dilemma, but put mine up there anyway. Good for you! You have a lot going on in your life and it's great to have an outlet for whatever it is... excitement, frustration, silly pictures... :)