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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The New Year

I can only hope since 2011 ended sucky, and 2012 began in that continued manner, that it can only get better from here.

December 31st was the last day of work for a co-worker.  She was a co-worker that I was actually close to, enjoyed working with, and even periodically called mom.  She had resigned due to finding work in a less stressful, more appreciative environment.  As happy as I was (and still am) for her ... it sucks that she's gone.  I couldn't even say good bye that night at the end of my shift, I snuck out like a coward.  Mainly because it would have required hugging and hugging would have led to crying.  She lives somewhat close by, but our schedules conflict completely.  I cried myself to sleep at 2200 that night.  Totally slept through the midnight ball drop.

January 1st only brought more distress.  My daughter had gotten herself grounded prior to Christmas, and considered herself ungrounded at one point.  Enough to watch movies and play video games.  Unfortunately for her, the wii has a daily usage log.  Can you say, "CAUGHT?"  As I was prepared to wipe her slate clean at the beginning of the year, I ended up grounding her for another week.  That also got extended a couple days when she neglected to do her daily duties.  Try to call me a bad mother ... I dare you.  Children need to learn responsibility and she happens to be old enough that she also needs these life skills to prepare for college/adult life.  My college student's whites will NOT turn gray since I actually taught her to separate her laundry colors.

This week has been the first week of classes.  I have all my books, I'm all prepped to go ... but I'm almost the only one apparently.  Some of my classmates are on the same track, but the college isn't.  My group no longer has a clinical instructor since she resigned prior to the start of classes (for the second semester in a row).  Can you say, "No more chances?"  So we're waiting for someone to step forward and adopt us as a group.  We have two weeks prior to the official start of clinical.  We still toured the facility that we're having our clinicals at ... FREAKY, but I'm trying to be optimistic that it won't be a complete waste.
This semester also involves a lot of group work.  I. Hate. Group. Work.  I'm way too OCD to have someone else have partial control of an assignment that is a substantial portion of my overall grade.  I understand the point of group work is to learn to function as a group.  Sure, I function well in a group ... on a CODE ... this Assessment paper may be important, but I do not feel it has the same amount of importance.  I will be making sure my classmates pull their own weight without negatively affecting the overall group grade.  I have no problem telling a person that they need to step up.

I do not make resolutions, like the blogger Jen has set forth.  I just try to make it THROUGH the year still alive and in one piece (and my family in the same condition).  Reading her posts have been somewhat therapeutic in the fact that I'm not the only mom who believes life is not all unicorns and rainbows.  My school schedule sucks, but that is out of my control.  My daughter knows that I love her and I support her talents and achievements.  I finagle rides to/from events for her if I cannot be there (again, schedule).  We have daily briefings/debriefings in the mornings and evenings.  My husband works to support us all while I finish school.  I talk to him daily ... if all goes well.  This is my senior year (December Grad) ... the light is visible at the end of the tunnel. 

Here's to hoping it ends better than how it started ...

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