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Monday, June 18, 2012

Life in General

The last few days have been pretty rough.  With my daughter gone and my husband working, I haven't known what to do with myself.  My friend told me, "You're always so busy, you have no idea what time to yourself feels like."  True.  Then she went on to say, "You could make some whoopie pies and deliver them to me at work ..."  So, I'm wondering if she was just angling for some free snacks.

Mmmm, whoopie pies
I have been on duty for the local ambulance, but we haven't had any calls.  Granted, that's a good thing, but still doesn't give me anything to keep my mind busy.  So I've slept ... a lot.  I think I've kind of surfaced out of my funk that I was in for those few days, but the house is still rather empty.

Today, I slept in (only because I worked an overnight shift Sunday), but did get my butt out of bed finally.  I mostly contribute that to my friend whom is in the Master's of Nursing program at my same University and needed some help.  I'm constantly editing her papers and giving her suggestions on how to build them.  1)  I should have my MSN before I have my BSN; 2)  I'll be quite content with my BSN and will NOT, repeat NOT, be going to Grad school.  Ewwwww ...

I made some coffee and drove to her house versus sitting with my laptop and editing it like I usually do.  I needed out of the house.  I stopped by the fire station on my way home and confirmed plans to work on EVOC training tomorrow.  EVOC is an Emergency Vehicle Operating Course which I need to continue to work for the ambulances and now fire department.  I currently have been driving one of these (minus the push rack, though that would be a nice addition):

No, I do not live in Dallas
EVOC will also train me to drive these:

Me?  The driver of an ENGINE?  HELL YEAH!!!
I told the Chief when I applied to work there, "Do not get the notion that I will EVER go into a burning building."  Now, I'm working my way towards the Engine and Pumps.  My friend who is a Nurse and also a full time Firefighter/Paramedic remarked, "Just wait till you go to training and start smashing out windows and destroying stuff.  You'll be hooked."  I just cannot picture me "packing up" with a SCBA and going into a place that could very likely collapse on me.  Nah, I'll hang out a nice distance away ....

I made the full circle back to my house and started puttering.  Well, cleaning up the dining table (dumping spot) led to, "Hmmm, maybe I should Windex it since it's pretty dusty."  Then, I looked up at the window sills and the panes.  Hmmm, that's a lot of dust and ickiness, too.   So, armed with Windex, I just kept finding more things to clean.  The dishwasher needed loaded, laundry needed switched over, "hmm, that bathroom sink/vanity could use a scrubbing," oh that can go in the trash ... it was a feast to my ADD delight.  I swear I have Attention Deficit Disorder.  I am so distractable and get started on 8 things, before I get done one of them.  Puttering to clean my house is the perfect task for my ADD since it all gets done eventually, but when I'm sick of Windex, I can do something else for a bit.

I'm happy to report that all laundry is done, folded and put away even.  Still have a few items on the drying rack, but they'll be ready to go away tomorrow.  I'm on duty, working on EVOC, and hopefully doing more productive things.  It will be weird for my husband to come home to a cleaned, dusted, and organized house.  He might wonder who abducted his real wife!

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