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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maine by Motorcycle

Today has been spent on the back of a VTX 1800 ... That's a motorcycle. We've made quite the loop, but now we're staying overnight at a hotel before returning home tomorrow. There is nothing like seeing Maine with the wind blowing through your hair, headphones in, jamming to DMB live at Wrigley Field. I have other music of course, but that was my mood today. We saw a lot of interesting sites, history, and a Bald Eagle so close I could have almost touched it. Granted, I never would have done that, but we were winding along the road and startled it from its' road kill meal. It took off and the wing span was IMPRESSIVE. We were startled, too! I wasn't quick enough with my camera or else I woulda tried to get a snapshot. Tomorrow, we will return home and get ready for yet another work week. I've also got to get ready for another trip I'm headed on in a couple of weeks. No motorcycle that time, really big planes instead.

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